She Bit Me! History of a vampire (Tical)

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She Bit Me! History of a vampire (Tical)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:40 pm

I got inspired by yumi's story about Hikki to make a history thingy about Tical.

She bit me!

It was a dark night, but it didn’t matter, Tical wasn’t really the guy to be afraid of the dark. He walked furter over the landroad back to the farm of his father.
His girlfriend walked beside him, she had moved to his vilage just some weeks ago and he had met her walking home when he returned from a fair. She claimed to be lost and Tical asked where she needed to go, she said to him she was searching for the Inn of the vilage. Tical had to tell her that there wasn’t an Inn near here. So he offered her a bed at the farm. And after some days of chrushing they both confessed.

Sahria stopped. ‘What is it?’ Tical asked. ‘Can we stay here for a while?’ she asked. ‘Why that?’ Tical replied. ‘Do I need to have a reason for everything?’ Did her eyes just light up when she asked that? Tical wondered. Slowly Sahria moved her head to that from Tical, he did the same thing.
Sahria giggled, Tical didn’t payed attention to her eyes, if he would have he could see them glowing red. ‘What are you doing?’ Tical asked while Sahria skipped his mouth and went straight for his neck. Sahria giggled some more and said. ‘Tonight... I’m making you mine.’ Tical didn’t got the time to think about what Sahria ment by that because Sahria placed her teeth in his neck to enter his bloodways.

Tical woke up, he couldn’t renember last night. ‘I shouldn’t have drank so much.’ Tical thought. He got himself out of bed and put some clothes on, appearently Sahria had already left.
Tical walked to the badroom to get himself clean for another day in Upendi. When he looked into the mirror he noticed two muscito bites strangly close to each other on his neck. ‘Did they had a date too?’ Tical joked.
Luckily the bites didn’t itched for some strange kind of reason. Tical walked down the stairs of the farm, his mother was making breakfast. ‘Here you go.’ She smiled while giving Tical some eggs and bacon on a plate.
It looked tastefully and Tical was hungry. ‘Never skip breakfats...’ Tical thought before taking a bite. But when a piece off the egg was in his mouth, when he began to chewing it, it felt like he was eating sand. Tical tried to get rid of the taste drinking a glass of milk, but it felt like drinking a glass of mud instead.

Tical stood up from the table. ‘I’m done...’ He said. ‘But you haven’t ate even a tiny bit yet.” His mother noticed. ‘I’m not really hungry today.’ Tical explained.
Tical walked through the door out of the house. ‘I’ll try getting something from the market than.’ Tical said to himself.

Tical walked over the road that would eventualy make a turn and take him to the market place.
‘Helloooo!’ Just when Tical was about to buy an apple Sahria showed up. ‘Hey... I was just about to buy something...’ Tical replied a little surprised. ‘Go ahead, I won’t stop you...’ She smiled. Tical bought his apple and then he and Sahria walked furter over the markt. At one moment Sahria began to giggle and started running and yelling ‘Folow me, folow me!’ Sahria ran away from the vilage she stopped at the ruins from an old castle battle known arround the vilage as ‘castles Wals’ though noone was really sure if it wasn’t suposed to be ‘Castles’s Wals’.
‘So why have you brought me here?’ Tical asked. Sahria smiled, you could see two pointy teeth sparkling while she was smiling. ‘Can you renember what I said to you last night?’. Tical relived the scene of last night. ‘I’m making you mine...’ he said heavenly breathing. ‘What the hell is this?’ Tical asked. ‘Like I said, I made you mine...’ Sahria replied to Tical with a slightly evil grin on her face. ‘What are you!?’ Tical asked. ‘Haven’t you noticed yet, you’re not a smart one. Sahria giggled some more. ‘I’m Sahria Caldice, and I actualy lied about my age, I’m 53 years older than 16 actualy...’ ‘What!?’ Tical yelled... ‘Dude, check my teeth, I’m a vampire... Hah!’ ‘How do you mean ‘made you mine.’ ?’ Tical asked ‘Just as I said it, you see those marks on your neck?’ Sahria asked. Tical touched the strange muscito bites with his hand. ‘
‘I made them, they are my cute little love bites...’ She giggled some more. ‘I told you I wanted to stay with you forever, now I can...’ she smiled. ‘What do you mean...’ Tical asked. Sahria walked up to Tical trying to stroke his head while saying: ‘You are becomming a vampire too, Tical...’ ‘You’re lying!’ Tical yelled while he roughly pushed off the hand of Sahria. ‘Oh am I?’ ‘And what about that breakfast of yours, didn’t it tasted a bit, sandy?’
‘But, vampires don’t neserary need to make other people one of them when they feed!’ Tical said firmly. ‘Yes but...’ ‘I thought you wanted to stay with me forever too...’ Sahria replied a little less confident. ‘I... I... You lied to me...’ Tical looked away.
Sahria giggled again. ‘Well it doesn’t matter anyway, you are going to become just like me like it or not!’ Wings apeared around Sahria’s body, she jumped into the air and flew away. ‘I’ll check on you later!’ She yelled.
The appel Tical had bought was still firmly gripped into his hand. He hesitated for a second but than he took a bite out of the apple. The taste of sand mixed with water filled his mouth...


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